Jim Gregg's Point Shooting Gun Control Methods

Handgun Training

The handgun section of the book contains information about the origin of the crooked wrist, which we get in bringing the handgun to eye level to use the sights. Details about how to reprogram the wrist so when the handgun is held, it will shoot where you point it. Skill will not come in point shooting, until correctly holding the handgun becomes subconscious.

The handgun section also clearly explains the 14 different ways people can see with both eyes open, plus the origin of cross-firing both handguns and shotguns. Your eye system is a critical component of your ability to shoot straight.

Jim Gregg defines a master eye, a dominant eye, and the 50/50 person who has no master or dominant eye. Vision and how you use your vision will control how the bullets strike the target. The fit of the handgun will control where the bullets strike the target.

"In most cases on the border the bad guy has a huge advantage in an armed encounter. He picks where and when. He knows it's going to happen. Jim Gregg's Point-shooting prepares Border Partrol Agents purely for that moment. The best spent training money I saw in the Border Patrol." -Gordon Schneider, U.S.B.P. (Retired) PAIC Comstock, TX (July '94-Jan '98), PAIC Eagle Pass, TX (Jan '98-Dec '00), Commander Special Response Team Del Rio Sector ('97-'00)

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The Gregg Method of Fire Control

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