Jim Gregg's Point Shooting Gun Control Methods

Hole in One Club

In 1991, I began to recognize students, who could shoot 5 bullets touching without the use of sights. This feat is accomplished by shooting their service weapon at a distance of 15 feet onto a steel silhouette target. Membership into this elite club has become a highly coveted award among my students. Since it's inception 1,300 law enforcement men and women have been awarded membership. Click here to see the list of Hole in One Club members!

United States Border Patrol
On the 6th day of April 2000, Jason Violette, U.S.B.P. Comstock, Texas became the 1000th member of the "Hole in One Club".

It should be pointed out that the Gregg Method of Fire Control is so effective, that 85% to 100% of Jim's students can make the Hole in One Club within the first 150 rounds of fire.

"Jim Gregg's Method of Fire Control has changed the way Montana Department of Corrections firearms trainers train. It has given the confidence to our armed staff so they can and will win in a survival situation. I have also used Jim's theories in coaching athletes in various sports with great success. I highly recommend Jim Gregg's book for any training that requires hitting the target." -Wayne C. Ternes, Training Manager, Montana Dept. of Corrections, Deer Lodge, Montana

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